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This tutorial shows how to monitor online gaming programs with VPN Watcher. We’ll use Party Poker software for example

Many online gaming applications cannot be controlled by VPN Watcher by just adding them to controlled applications list. Some additional parameters should be specified in this case.

×Note: this feature is available only in full version of VPN Watcher
Add gaming program to VPN Watcher controlled applications as usual
Control Poker Game Step 1
Add new controlled application

In opened dialog window navigate to gaming application installation folder and specify its executable file.

Control Poker Game Step 2
Specify gaming application executable file

Now right click the gaming program shortcut on your desktop and choose “Properties”

Control Poker Game Step 3
Open “Properties” for gaming app shortcut

In “Target” field you should see additional parameters that should be passed to the application executable. They are all characters that follow application executable name. These parameters should be specified in VPN Watcher.

Control Poker Game Step 4
Find additional parameters for app executable in “Target” field

Now open “Parameters” for the controlled application in VPN Watcher.

Control Poker Game Step 5
Open “Parameters” in VPN Watcher

Type the obtained parameters into “Command line arguments” field.

Control Poker Game Step 6
Fill in “Command line arguments” field

Now VPN Watcher should be able to control your gaming application properly.