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We design and develop iOS, Android and Windows Phone mobile applications using the cutting-edge technologies and in a strong accordance to all guidelines. Mobile application allows to increase the amount of active users for your service, it brings your offers directly to your clients gadgets in a very user friendly manner.

The existing mobile platforms may differ from each other, however, they offer similar capabilities for mobile apps development in most cases.

iOS Applications

iOS applications are designed to run on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The high quality hardware and Retina displays of these devices in addition to iOS capabilities allow to develop any kind of mobile app with a variety of features.

We develop iOS applications in a strong accordance with Apple app development guides using the most modern libraries and techniques.

We also take care about the App Store review and publication process, preparing all the necessary materials and handling all the communications.

Android Applications

Android is one of the most popular operating systems in the whole mobile market. It operates on a huge variety of mobile devices all over the world. Development of Android app brings a very large amount of potential users.

Our developers know all capabilities of Android platform and will help you to define the features and key moments of your Android app so it would be supported by as much devices as possible. We will also give you advices how to promote your app and bring it to the top of the market.

Windows Phone Apps

The new Windows Phone operating system opens enormous opportunities for desktop and mobile developers allowing to create and launch cross-platform applications on a variety of devices running Windows OS.

Windows Phone store shows constant growth since its launch and offers thousands of applications to millions of users.

When creating a mobile application it's always a good idea to develop a Windows Phone version.

Promotion And Marketing

We offer multiple plans of mobile applications marketing and promotion. Combined with store optimization, powerful marketing and advertisement strategy will bring your apps to the top of mobile markets.

Store optimization and marketing is a long-term process with multiple iterations. Properly planned mobile app promotion campaign will lead to success in mobile markets.

Marketing and promotion plans

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